About Me

Hi my name is Rich Linkenhoker. I have spent the last 16 years building my knowledge in the cycling industry. I began the day I turned 15 as a part time mechanic at my local bike shop. I continued working my way through the ranks and became the lead mechanic and service manager. Little did I know then but this passion completely consumed my entire life. I found myself as the manager of my local bicycle shop that I had spent my entire youth working at. I found myself striving for more out of the industry like going to school to become a fitting specialists. I attended Retul and Serotta fitting schools and became a certified fit specialist. Shimano bicycle componets also launched online courses which I immediately jumped on and became a certified shimano mechanic.

As I have gained all of this knowledge and built so many relationships in this amazing industry I have decided to begin my own journey and open what seems to be an incredible service for all my past, present, and future clients. I hope that during this endeavor I get to meet tons of new athletes and help bring a much needed service to our industry.